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Native of Thessaloniki, Greece. At a very young age, she began her recorder studies in Greece under the guidance of the French/Greek teacher Gilles Gourdier. During her childhood she had the opportunity to try additional instruments but has stayed loyal to the recorder and at the age of 18, Doret decided to move to Israel in order to continue her studies. At Tel Aviv University, she studied  with Bracha Kol and Shlomo Tidhar and received both her B.A. and M.A degrees with honours, as well as a B.A. in Mathematics and Statistics. After finishing her studies for the First Phase Degree in The Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Sebastien Marq in 2002, she acquired her Second Phase degree in the same school, under the supervision of Dorothea Winter and Peter van Heyghen. Later on, she studied the historical bassoon with Donna Agrell and with Alberto Grazzi to acquire her First Phase degree in June 2007.

She has held a grant from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation during her studies.


Doret’s rich concert experience includes playing in projects with Nicholas Cramer, Gabriel Garrido (Academy of Ambronay), Nigel North, Ton Koopman, Jos van Immerseel (NJO), as well as recording for the Israeli and Greek Radio. She has performed with various groups in international festivals in Holland, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, England, France and in all the main venues in Israel (Festivals of Abugosh, Yehiam, Hag shel Hahagim and more). She is a founding member of the groups "Me La Amargates Tu" and “Mezzo” with which she has been performing regularly around the world. In addition she has been invited to play with different ensembles throughout the years in Israel and abroad.


Since 2008, she has been living in Israel, where she performs in major venues and teaches recorder, recorder ensemble, methodics on the recorder and baroque ensembles at various places in the centre of Israel such as: Bar- Ilan University, the Levinsky College- Musical Education, the Conservatory for children in Kiriat Ono and the Department of Music of the Kiriat Sharet high School in Holon. 


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