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Ensemble Mezzo was founded in 2015 by recorder player Doret Florentin, a multifaceted, inventive musician. In establishing the Ensemble, Doret sought to bring all of her musical activities under one artistic roof. All members of the Ensemble have specialized in performing early music using historical instruments, and have completed graduate studies in main Early music schools overseas.


Each of the Ensemble's programs is based on a specific theme, which is then examined from different cultural perspectives. The programs allow the audience to appreciate a variety of musical styles and artistic points of view, while seeking to broaden as much as possible the experience of early music. Thus, the Ensemble brings its members' diverse musical abilities into focus and offers listeners a rich and unique musical landscape.


Occasionally, the Ensemble also integrates traditional music from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, and Spain into its programs, alongside music by Israeli composers played on early music instruments. Contemporary composers who write pieces especially for the Ensemble are also featured.   


The Ensemble has adopted a versatile character which allows it to perform a tremendous variety of programs. This is due to the personal wishes of the musicians, who prefer to perform a broad and diverse repertoire, and also due to the unique character of early music, whose ideal sound does not necessarily indicate a designated instrument, but rather considers many different possible sound options.  The Ensemble also features additional artists, including David Feldman (countertenor), Assaf Kacholi (tenor), Jochewed Schwarz (harpsichord), Miguel Jalôto (harpsichord), Lilia Slavny (baroque violin), Ira Givol (baroque cello and viola da gamba), Benny Aghassi (recorders and baroque bassoon), Orit Messer-Jacobi (baroque cello), Aviad Stier (harpsichord), and Ophira Zakai (lute, theorbo and baroque guitar), among others. Mezzo Ensemble performs in main Israeli festivals, such as the Felicia Blumenthal festival in Tel Aviv, Hag Hahagim Festival in Haifa, Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival next to Jerusalem and others . It is also featured in central concert series in Israel and abroad.

Furthermore, ensemble members take part in educational initiatives in Israel. Several such projects are planned for the upcoming season.


Ensemble Mezzo 
New Concert Series

ימי שישי בשעה 13:00

סטודיו אנט, רח׳ שביל המרץ 2, ת״א

דורט פלורנטין- חליליות וניהול אמנותי, יעלה אביטל- סופרן, גדעון ברטלר- גיטרה בארוק


 5.11.21 שיגעון האהבה עם אביעד שטיר,



31.12.21 חגיגת חג המולד עם קטי דברצ׳ני,

כינור בארוק


21.1.22 אהבה בשניים עם דוד פלדמן,

קונטרה טנור


 4.3.22 בלדה יוונית עם אסף כחולי, טנור


 1.4.22 זיקוקי הבארוק עם ליליה סלבני,

כינור בארוק


 17.6.22 מיתוס ומוסיקה עם

ד"ר אריאדנה קונסטנטינו, מרצה

New CD!!!

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