"The Sweetness of Love"


The presentation of the woman in beautiful love songs from Spain, Italy, England, Germany and Israel

"How sweet is the pain"


Cantatas especially written for a countertenor and an obligato instrument with basso continuo. Ladino songs and traditional Yemenite songs.
With countertenor Alon Harari

"All is gold"


A program combining Baroque arias with popular Israeli songs.
With soprano singer Yeela Avital

"In the King's court"


Music and text from the French Baroque, songs and instrumental pieces by Rameau, Couperin, Dieupart and others

"Duo Mirror"


Duos for two recorders from the Renaissance period to our times. With Adi Silberberg

"Aruond England"


Between Dowland and McCartney. Music from the British Islands by T. Morley, H. Purcell and G.P. Handel

"Music from the early 17th century"

Italy and Germany at their best: Merula, Monteverdi, Castello, Buxtehude and others

"A tribute to J. S. Bach"


a tribute program of the great J. S. Bach, combining his sonatas for flute and harpsichord obligato, transcribed for recorder and harpsichord

"A musical trip to Cyprus and Greece"

Music of the Codex Franco-Cipriota (Torino) from the beginning of the 14th century, traditional music from Cyprus and Greece and known Ladino songs

"From Andalusia

till Thessaloniki"


A program featuring Ladino songs combining early music instruments and ethnic instruments. With  mezzo-soprano singer Bracha Kol and oud player Yair Dalal


"Authentic German Baroque"


Rare German sonatas for recorder, bassoon and basso continuo by Schickhardt, Fasch, Sieber and others. With Benny Aghassi, Ira Givol and Yizhar Karshon

"An amazing trip to 

the Greek Mythology"


Stories featuring themes from the Greek mythology accompanied by Greek traditional music


"Cruise in Venice"


Music by late Baroque Italian composers that lived and worked in Venice: Vivaldi, Sammartini and Albinoni

"Israeli Product"


A Program dedicated to pieces by Israeli composers such as: Hagar Kadima, Igal Mirtenbaum, Dalit Raich, Eyal Batt, Michael Wolpe and others

"Salamone Rossi"


A program dedicated to the music of the known Jewish composer and composers of his time